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This was my fourth Bonnaroo, and almost certainly the best. At least, it rivals 2006, which used to the be best. I had an amazing time, and it has been so hard to focus on the real world since I've been back.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the highlights.

Top Five Shows (almost everything I saw was good, though):

1. Pearl Jam!!!!
2. Jack Johnson
3. Death Cab
4. Donovan Frankenreiter
5. The Super Jam: Gogol Bordello and Les Claypool

Best Discovery: Swell Season and Grupo Fantasma

Best Vendor: The Samosa Man (oh my god -- tofu samosas with homemade hot sauce!)

Camp Luna Moth, our usual bunch, had a few new faces and we were only 10 minutes from Centeroo, even after a tequila and eggs breakfast.

I finally made my way to the silent disco and LOVED it!

Best Bonnaroo weather ever: enough rain to keep the dust down, and enough sun to keep me smiling.

And under the cut are a few of my favorite pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

Me, at the Silent Disco

Super Jam!

I don't know who she is, but I loved her costume

Me and my sister, Charlotte

Sunset and Jack Johnson

Centeroo at Dusk

Hannah, Mel, & E at The Other Tent

John's First Roo!

The Survivors of Camp Luna Moth, Monday morning
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