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has anybody been?

i know they are at a new venue, new state this year, so it will be different in some ways than years past. But if anyone has been... what's the vibe like? the natural setting? the amount of people? the size of the camp grounds? how close everyone is to each other? the stage setups?

i don't like Bonnaroo's lineup this year, and the vibe has been off the last two years. I've been looking at the other festivals, and i've heard good things about AllGood and Bisco. However, Wakarusa's lineup is sick, and when they added Shpongle and Black Crowes, that pretty much sealed the deal. Rothbury and 'Roo would have to come with some ridiculous heat to even strike a match to what Wakarusa is offering this year. (and its half the ticket price, and for me, half the distance to Roth).
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