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So, just a quick question, do they id someone in the car if they search it and you're bringing alcohol in? We've never actually tried this before...
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when I went several years ago they didn't id me, but I'm not sure they saw the alcohol .
Before you get in they will search your Vehicle, what they are looking for are items that are NOT ALLOWED, Glass Bottles, (Yes I got a jar of pickles taken away from me once), The good kind! :( . Glass Bongs, Anything listed on the DO NOT BRING LIST.

These people searching your car are not cops, they are hired by the company who puts on the event. They really don't have time to ask everyone in the car for ID, and they didn't ask any of us the last time we went.

So bring beer and cans and don't drink and drive and you should be fine. Also don't act shady, Be ready and willing to show them the contents of your cooler, they respect that because it's less work they have to do.
when I say before you get in I mean when your in line at the gate to see your tickets. its not a random search, they politely go down the line, you normally have someone asking you to open up your coolers and the likes about 6 to 8 cars back from the ticket counter.
Yeah. I figured it would be the case that it would be fine as long as it was not in glass bottles but I wanted to be sure, so thanks!
oh no problem, I didn't go last year but I doubt things have changed. lol
they didn't ask, and i'm sure they still won't. they asked how much alcohol was in the car, and we answered (truthfully, because we really only had 3 cases) and as long as you aren't bringing in a mass quantity they don't care because you don't seem as if you are selling it.
they'd be more concerned about the glass bottles, i think.
Oh my god how weird! I was just looking for Bonnaroo icons (and this is obviously not the place) and look I know you!